Kids Cooking Classes

Select a menu for your child’s age group. Menus may be customized to fit all diets.

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Whether your budding chef’s cooking class is held in my kitchen or yours, we’ll take care of everything needed for their class; food, supplies, a healthy snack, beverage and recipes All kids classes are hands-onĀ  and centered on engaging them in a fun cooking experience in order to give them the skills they need in the kitchen, and to make informed choices around food, health and diet. You can expect all classes are delivered in a patient, fun and informative way, and are sure to keep young cooks focused.

Chef Alice’s cooking classes are for everyone. People related to every age of group can get benefit from Chef Alice’s Cooking classes and can learn new exciting ways of cooking. Refreshment is also available during cooking classes. So now it doesn’t matter how old are you or how how younger are you. Now you don’t need to hesitate and can start learning cooking from our experts.

All kids and teen classes are privately booked for a minimum of three and a maximum of eight children. Classes may be held in my kitchen in Pompano Beach, or yours, for an additional fee for travel and set up.
Mommy/Daddy & Me Ages 2-4
$35.00 per child. One parent or caregiver must be present and participate, and there is no charge..
Class length is one hour.
Ages 5-8
$45.00 per child
Class length is 1.5 hours.
Ages 9-12
$55.00 per child
Class length is two hours.
Ages 13-17
$60.00 per child
Class length is 2.5 hours.

Kids Cooking Classes

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